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Property Management Services for Tampa Bay Owners

Turn Your Residential and Commercial Property into a Worry-Free, Income-Producing Asset

Since the year 2000, real estate owners with properties throughout Tampa Bay have let the professionals at Bay Area Property Management handle all facets of managing their property, so they can enjoy the income as they get on with the rest of their lives.

Managing rental property on your own can be a very stressful endeavor. There are so many responsibilities that come with do-it-yourself property management that juggling them all in an effective and efficient manner can be quite trying, to say the least. Not only do you have to worry about property upkeep, but also keeping tenants happy, a job unto itself.

Bay Area Property Management Does It All for You

Whether you own a single family home, condo, townhome, office space, warehouse/industrial building or a portfolio of residential and commercial properties in the Tampa area, using Bay Area Property Management as your rental property manager is a cost-effective, hassle-free way to turn your property into a valuable income-producing asset!

Why?  Because we manage each of your properties throughout its entire investment cycle, treating each property as if it is our own. From property upgrades to tenant acquisition, from timely rent collection to accurate owner reports, to even helping you buy or sell Tampa investment properties, Bay Area Property Management’s team of professionals is there to provide hands-on, personalized service.

Are you an absentee owner of Tampa area property? No problem! You’ll be able check the status of your property with our 24/7 online property management access portal (“Property Owner Login”)

To protect your investment while enjoying the monthly income, here are a few of the many services BAPM provides:

Provide recommendations and vendors to update or refresh your property prior to renting, to optimize rental revenue. We’ll even oversee/project manage these renovations for you as part of our management fee!

Use our professional expertise to potentially increase monthly rental income by letting us identify and oversee implementation of cost-effective ways to smarten up your property’s decor inside and curb appeal outside to attract better-paying prospective tenants.  Visit our Projects Done Right page for additional details.

Receive income from your property month after month

Enjoy receiving monthly income from your property:

  • Online portals for both owners and tenants streamline payments and deposits
  • Tenants can pay monthly rent online
  • Owners get paid faster and more securely with direct deposit of funds into their bank account

Advertise Your Property

Acquire tenants through online and traditional media, including:

  • Our Bay Area Property Management website
  • MLS and, where applicable
  • On-site signage, where available

Screen and Acquire Quality Tenants

Solicit, acquire and stringently screen all prospective renters and tenants via:

  • Credit reports
  • Rental history
  • Eviction history
  • References
  • Employment records
  • Criminal background checks

Lease Preparation, Placement and Renewals

Once a tenant’s application has been approved, we handle all the steps, including:

  • Property owner notification
  • Security deposit received from tenant
  • Lease agreement obtained through our landlord/tenant law attorneys
  • Initial rent payment and move-in inspection
  • Lease renewals

Collect Rents

  • Bill and collect monthly rents during the entire term of the lease
  • Process evictions, as needed, at cost of legal services
  • State-of-the-art computer-based billing and recordkeeping system ensures timely rent notification and collection

Inspect, Repair and Maintain Property

  • Staff of independent, highly qualified maintenance personnel are available for on-site repairs and general maintenance
  • Personnel to keep property landscaped, clean and well maintained
  • Regularly-scheduled inspections by in-house field operation managers
  • Preventative maintenance recommendations and repairs
  • Online Maintenance request form to expedite repair requests, including weekends

Prepare Comprehensive Accounting and Property Activity Reports

  • Provide monthly itemized statements (includes all rent collected plus costs/receipts for maintenance)
  • Develop annual statement for tax purposes
  • Keep track of tenant occupancy through move in/move out reports

Legal Practices and Compliance

  • We work with owner/tenant law attorneys to ensure that all documents, tenant relationships and property management activities are in compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • Where applicable, we also enforce owner and tenant compliance with homeowner’s association (HOA) rules and regulations.

Tenant Move-In/Move-Out

  • Move-in inspection will be completed by tenant upon move-in
  • A walk-out inspection of your property will be performed upon a tenant’s move-out. The condition of the property is assessed, and any tenant damage or neglect will be corrected and deducted from the tenant’s security deposit.